Sunday, 14 February 2016

Here's something special we want to share with you guys! Our way of saying we love you this Valentine's Day. We also want to take this moment to say thank you for everyone who has followed us, shared us, liked us and even given us a listen. It's because of you that we are going further than we thought was possible. Without you we aren't Apherium. So when you are dining out with your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Make sure to tell your loved one.......Have you pre-ordered 'Embrace the fall that brought us here' by Apherium yet?! Don't worry if they haven't! We got you covered! Get them to click this link and Valentine's Day is covered! Heck whilst you are there you might as well purchase a ticket to one of our follow dates on our tour! Do it right and treat them well! Thank you With Love Apherium (Oh and here is a making of video of our video for 'Embrace' Thanks again to Louis Catlett for directing).
from Apherium

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